Auto Attendant Systems

An automated attendant is probably one of the most common applications in the Computer Telephony industry. Working alone or in conjunction with a live user or operator, the auto attendant answers all calls and route callers to specific extensions and departments, or provide them.... More »

Automated Dialing Systems

An automated dialing, preview or predictive dialing application is an automated application capable of making large quantities of outbound calls. This is very similar to an automated outbound telemarketing system except that these are not mainly used for telemarketing... More »

Call Centre Systems

TelcoVox also provides call centre applications and systems which are deployed in a centralised location or contact centre where queries about products, services, problem reporting and tracking, and a lot of other customer oriented support may be provided.... More »

Interactive Voice Response

You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc.Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an umbrella term for a variety of Computer Telephony systems and applications. In business terms, it refers to a large suite of software-based communication solutions which provide an interface for callers to interact with computer systems using touch-tone keys.... More »

Telemarketing Systems

An outbound telemarketing system is an automated outbound calling system which makes calls to customers in order to provide marketing information to or retrieve information from callers about their product preferences, customer experience and other data... More »


EasyCall Auto Dialer

EasyCall is a powerful automated outbound dialing and telemarketing solution which dials telephone numbers in a database. When connected to the called party, it interacts with them by giving them choices and then delivers a short promotional message to the called party.

After this, the called party is given a list of menu options to choose from. Based on options the called party selects, EasyCall then qualifies the lead and updates your data. You can view reports of calls made by EasyCall, view the list of qualified leads which you now know are definite prospects and also view the list of leads that are not interested. You can also listen to call back requests from the qualified leads, call them back or send them information about your products or services.

EasyCall Benefits:

  • It gives the called party the choice to accept or decline the call
  • It gives you ability to take interact live and speak with prospects
  • It can detect an answering machine and leave a message
  • It removes telemarketer pressure from prospective clients
  • It is very cost-effective, saves time and gives instant results

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