Auto Attendant Systems

An automated attendant is probably one of the most common applications in the Computer Telephony industry. Working alone or in conjunction with a live user or operator, the auto attendant answers all calls and route callers to specific extensions and departments, or provide them.... More »

Automated Dialing Systems

An automated dialing, preview or predictive dialing application is an automated application capable of making large quantities of outbound calls. This is very similar to an automated outbound telemarketing system except that these are not mainly used for telemarketing... More »

Call Centre Systems

TelcoVox also provides call centre applications and systems which are deployed in a centralised location or contact centre where queries about products, services, problem reporting and tracking, and a lot of other customer oriented support may be provided.... More »

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an umbrella term for a variety of Computer Telephony systems and applications. In business terms, it refers to a large suite of software-based communication solutions which provide an interface for callers to interact with computer systems using touch-tone keys.... More »

Telemarketing Systems

An outbound telemarketing system is an automated outbound calling system which makes calls to customers in order to provide marketing information to or retrieve information from callers about their product preferences, customer experience and other data... More »


TelcoVox IVR

TelcoVox provides rapid design, development and deployment of IVR solutions tailored to suit your needs, at affordable and cost effective prices. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, but in business terms it refers to an extensive suite of software-based communications and unified messaging solutions.

If you’re a small to medium (SME) business owner, the odds are that you are always looking to optimise the time your employees spend handling calls and your business resources. An IVR solution can offer you an affordable way to streamline and automate call processing for your customers and employees.

easypbx, computing, ivr expert, virtual pabx, virtual telephone, auto attendant, telcovox, voicemail, music on hold, call centre, call distribution, call forwardingSo if you are considering an IVR system for your business, TelcoVox can help you design, develop and rapidly deploy an IVR system that’s just right for you. You dream it, we design it, and build it!

Some IVR application case uses include auto attendant solutions, automated dialing solutions, call centre solutions, automated lottery systems, voice recognition, telemarketing solutions, parking payment systems, telephone payment systems, unified messaging systems, virtual telephone systems, and voicemail solutions.

We also translate, record and digitise voice prompts in many languages for use in your telephony projects or existing telephone systems. TelcoVox has released many Computer Telephony and Interactive Software solutions for business use.

We know that more than 62% of a customer’s phone interactions with a business or service starts via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. So it makes sense to start every call on the right foot with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution that offers customisable phone menus with self-service options that improves the customer experience (CX).